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Thursday, March 6, 2008

More On "Forget Intelligence, Sue Away" Nancy

Fightin' FISA Nancy just can't catch a break.

Now Kansas Attorney General Steve Six has joined in a letter demanding that Congress pass FISA reauthorization immediately.
“As Attorneys General, we are our states' chief law enforcement officials
and therefore responsible for taking whatever action is necessary to keep our
citizens safe. With S. 2248 still pending in the House of Representatives, our
national security is in jeopardy.”

Not the House-passed FISA reauthorization, AG Six supports the Senate compromise bill that got 68 votes - the one trial-lawyer owned Nancy says "shreds the Constitution." So, is Nancy saying that our AG wants to shred the Constitution too? Is she just mad that her hubby Steve didn't get the AG appointment?

If you had any doubts before that the "not in the pocket of the trial lawyer lobby" Democrats supported this legislation, you can remove those doubts now. Boyda-Pelosi is holding our security hostage to the right to sue anyone and everyone with impunity all for her biggest campaign contributors.

And, in case you missed it, the KS GOP has a 30 second radio spot out on the subject:


Anonymous said...

The evidence just keeps piling up against nancy.

Anonymous said...

The arguments against Nancy Boyda's courageous stand in favor of upholding the U.S. Constitution and not granting retroactive favors for Verizon and A.T.and T. for colluding with George W. Bush to undermine it and ignore the F.I.S.A. law then in place are all undermined by one salient fact: We are all safe and have always been safe under the rule of George W. Bush because he never has obeyed the laws of the land nor does he ever intend to obey them. He has spied on all of us at will, and therefore we are all perfectly safe from foreign or domestic enemies. But we have lost our precious rule of law in the process. We have lost the power of our Constitution to govern the conduct of all of us under one unifying document. Therefore, our armed forces are now fighting simply for the Rule of George W. Bush, not the Rule of Law. They are fighting for Cheney's "Unitary State" theory of an Executive Branch dictatorship that is above all the laws. They are not fighting to uphold our traditional way of life and law under the rule of the U.S. Constitution. That has been killed by George W. Bush and the conduct of his whole Administration over the past seven years. So let's get real, folks. Nancy Boyda and her associates are fighting a last-ditch effort to save our Constitutional way of life that all the world used to respect so much. Those who join with the Attorneys General in their mistaken opinion are only adding to George W. Bush's endless rule of lawlessness, no matter how much it "protects" us from unseen (and unnamed) "enemies." I say, yes, be afraid, be very afraid, but be afraid of the correct enemy: Goerge W. Bush is our common enemy, the avowed enemy of our own Constitution and rule of law. -- Anon.

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