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Friday, March 7, 2008

Please Tell the Truth

While Ryun was wrong to go on the attack against Jenkins for her Learning Quest ads, I have to say, this article from the Holton Recorder on Jenkins' website reflects that charges, and in this case an untruthful one, are going both ways.
Jenkins also noted that Ryun, who is "expected" to move back to Kansas and
launch a re-election campaign . . .

"Expected" to move back? Ryun has been spending most of his time living in his home in Lawrence for the past year. This is no secret, Lynn. The Jenkins campaign strategy is to paint Jim Ryun as out of touch with Kansans, I get that. But her statement is simply not true.

Ronald Reagan had an 11th Commandment about not speaking ill of a fellow Republican. While he did campaign hard that Gerald Ford was not the best nominee in 1976, he did so by sticking to the issues and differentiating himself, not by misleading people.

Please Jim and Lynn, make the best case as to why you're better for the people of Kansas than Nancy Boyda. That will be most attractive to primary voters.


Anonymous said...

Sounds about right to me.

Anonymous said...


watch as Bounce Boyda get's behind Jim be continued...

KS Republicans always eat their own.

Anonymous said...

"The American Century ads appear to be a great way to butter up someone who continues to have direct oversight of a contract that generates $3.5 million of profits each year for their firm,” said Kyle Robertson, Ryun's campaign manager.

"It raises serious ethical questions of outside corporate interests in a federal election,"said Kyle Robertson, the campaign manager for Jenkins’ GOP primary opponent, former U.S. Rep. Jim Ryun.

"Lynn Jenkins got caught red-handed taking unethical donations and now she's trying to skew poll results to cover up her actions. Her campaign should be ashamed."

Ryun has accused Jenkins of being in bed with corporate interests, cheating, and being unethical.

Of course, Bounce Boyda doesn't bring any of that. What about the 11th Commandment?

Anonymous said...

Let me get this right, Jim Ryun takes a personal attack at Lynn, calling her unethical for nonstory and all you say is that you haven't seen any information that indicates its that bad, but evidently, it's perfectly fine for Jim to make the ridiculous statement, but Lynn says that Jim is expected to move back a run (a true statement, because while it appears he has moved back, neither he nor Lynn are officially running yet) and you call Lynn a liar and say she is attacking? John, if you don't start calling it straight, and stop your bias toward Jim Ryun, you won't be anonymous anymore.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'll bet John is shaking in his little space boots. Nice work, Sherlock.
Ryun has been living in Lawrence full time for the last year.
As for Ryun attacking Jenkins, wasn't that a KC Star article that simply quoted Ryun's campaign manager? I'd hardly call that an attack.

Anonymous said...

If Jim Ryun lives in Kansas why does he still own Abramoff's million dollar townhouse in DC? Run hasn't lived here for 10 years. That is one reason he lost to Boyda and will lose to Jenkins. So John, just join Jim's campaign staff again this year and stop pretending to be fair to Jenkins.

Anonymous said...

When does Bounce Boyda hold Ryun accountable for telling the truth and abiding by the 11th commandment. The Star article content had been shopped around by the Ryun campaign to most all the media outlets in the state over the last few weeks. Only the Star took the bait and printed many untruths and speculations that Ryun put forth. I noticed BB didn't say much about the story or the rebuttal Jenkins got to get in the Star this Thursday. As far as Ryun living in Kansas, he is spending more time in KS, but he also spends a lot of time in Washington. He works out at the supposedly Congressmen only exercise place even though he lost. It is no secret that BB is pro Ryun, so just read everything on here with a grain of salt.

BoydaBloc said...

this blog has bounced back and forth on jim and lynn a hundred times in the last year....why not find a blog that's always on the same side?

you'll be happy you made the switch.

Anonymous said...

This post opens with Jim Ryun was wrong to attack Lynn on the ads. What exactly is pro-Ryun about that? It seems to me that the Jenkins crowd is completely oblivious to the truth in more ways than one.

Also, both this post and the one that addresses the ads flap ends with a plea to both candidates not to attack each other.

Oh, and who is John?

Anonymous said...

i thought it was josh, anyway.

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