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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Ryun Makes Earmark Pledge

Here's the press release as sent to me:


TOPEKA, KS – Jim Ryun has pledged to refrain from requesting earmarks if returned to office in an effort to end wasteful government spending in Washington. Ryun cited the broken system and the dissatisfaction of Kansans with Washington as the reasons behind joining several other Republican and Democrat Members of Congress in this pledge.

“The earmark crisis is out of control and I am committed to fighting for the return of fiscal conservatism and integrity to the system,” Ryun said. “People do not trust Washington and it is clear that transparency is not working. I am joining the earmark reform movement in Washington and will work to repair an obviously broken system.”

Current Republican leaders who have already pledged a personal earmark moratorium include House Minority Leader John Boehner as well as the Republican Nominee for President, John McCain.

“There is no greater way to lead than by example and I challenge my primary and general opponents to join this effort for reform,” Ryun said.

[update 3/7: a commenter pointed out that Jenkins had already taken the same pledge. I have cut and pasted below what Jenkins has said on the issue. I think there is a difference in what the two candidates have said, but you can be the judge.]

Fight Against Wasteful Spending
In Congress I will work to reduce spending and slow the growth of a bloated federal bureaucracy.

I will work to reform a broken earmark system that has allowed frivolous and wasteful projects to receive federal taxpayer dollars in recent years.

In 2006, Nancy Boyda and many other Democrats ran on the promise of reforming the earmark process, but their “reforms” were cosmetic and have done little to reduce wasteful spending.

It’s Time for Real Reform

Real reforms to the earmark system will not harm the progress of legitimate projects, but it will end the use of YOUR MONEY for projects that Congress voted to fund in recent years like a bridge to nowhere, a teapot museum, and a study on the DNA of bears.

I simply refuse to believe that our federal government should have any role in spending YOUR MONEY on projects such as these. Only real reform will limit future wasteful spending. That's why I signed the Citizens Against Government Waste Earmark Reform Pledge, a pledge to reform a broken system.

[UPDATE 3/8: I have once again been accused of being a front for the Ryun campaign because of this post. First, Lynn Jenkins campaign does not send me press releases, Jim Ryun's does. If she wants something to appear on this site, they can send it to me. Otherwise, don't complain. Second, the pledge Lynn signed found here calls for earmark reform. Jim Ryun has pledged not to seek any earmarks. There is a difference. Whichever position you like is open for debate, I haven't commented on which is better or worse.]


Anonymous said...

That's beautiful. The man who voted for all that wasteful spending for 10 years, NOW wants reform.

And calling on his opponents to follow his example, with a statement dated March 6th? Jenkins web site shows she signed the pledge in mid February!!! Way to lead Jimbo!

Boyda Bloc said...

the man used earmarks to great effect during his 10 years in office...more on that at

Anonymous said...

“There is no greater way to lead than by example and I challenge my primary and general opponents to join this effort for reform,” Ryun said.

yeah, nobody is going to believe that Mr. Ryun. Being there for a decade does not set you up as an agent for reform...especially when you didn't reform anything while you were there.

Anonymous said...

Check Ryun's voting record, he voted against a TON of spending bills.

Anonymous said...

This is a great move. The sad thing is that earmarks used to be a legitimate tool of Congress, and I recall countless occasions when Jim used them in this manner (think millions of dollars for Fort Riley, Fort Leavenworth and Forbes Field). Unfortunately, the system is being badly abused by Members who earmark money at the behest of outside interests(and in Boyda's case, getting thank you donations for it). So we've come to a point where it's going to take bold leadership like Jim is showing here...DC needs to quit playing the earmark game until real reform is enacted.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the Jenkins crowd has actually looked at Jim Ryun's voting record. He voted against at least 1/2 of the appropriations bills in Congress, maybe more.

Anonymous said...

Great move by Ryun, a move that says, "I hear you, I am committing to change."
I wouldn't exactly call Jenkins' "comments" a pledge. Does she really think that press release counts? I think the quick reaction means the Jenkins' camp is thinking, "Crap, we gotten beaten to this." No surprise there-they seem to be a day late and a dollar short anyway.
As for Boyda Bloc, what, trying to give cover to Nancy's earmarking ways? The vast majority of Ryun's earmarks were for military bases, not fake prisons.

Anonymous said...

he's a hypocrite...he's voted for dozens of earmarks, sponsored dozens of earmarks, taken credit for dozens of earmarks...but now they're bad.

where was all this leadership in your 10 years in office, jim?

Anonymous said...

I don't have anything against JIm Ryun as a person ..... I just don't believe he has shown that he is a leader on much of anything.

He was in Congress for 10 years but I don't believe I remember him taking the lead on any major issues in Kansas other than military needs. While the military issues are important so are many other issues in America.

Anonymous said...

There are three military installations in the second district. Despite two of them being seriously threatened by BRAC, there are still three AND, Ft. Riley personnel increased by 50%. Even IF that was all he did for 10 years, that's pretty good.

Second, Lynn Jenkins said she would "reform" earmarks, not stop them altogether.

Anonymous said...

Believe me Ryun carried little weight in influencing the BRAC closures.

It was the Kansas' Senate delegation that played the biggest part protecting the military bases here.

Let's be honest Jim Ryun carried little weight in Congress.

Anonymous said...

Ryun carried so much weight in Congress he lost in 2006. Bounce Boyda have you bothered looking at Jenkins website? If so you would have seen she signed a no earmark pledge weeks ago. BB have you gone to any of her campaign stops? If you did you would hear her talk about eliminating earmarks right in front of Ryun. He decided if he was going to take heat for teapots and bridges he better get on board. Sounds like a weak follower to me, not a visionary leader. BB continues to spin for Ryun and ignore Jenkins.

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