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Saturday, March 8, 2008

I'm Dizzy from Nancy's Spinning

Nancy Boyda can change positions faster than you can change your socks, but yesterday she once again insulted our intelligence and thinks we won't notice.

Everyone remembers when Nancy Boyda was rejected for membership in the moderate Blue Dog Coalition.
"The newly exclusive Blue Dog Coalition added five members
Tuesday… While Reps. Nancy Boyda (Kan.), Henry Cuellar (Texas) and Harry
Mitchell (Ariz.) also applied, Blue Dog leaders said those Members were not
selected…” (Roll Call, 06/14/07)

Well, Nancy says, pay no attention to that well-established truth in yesterday's National Journal.
“She is so independent that she has refused to join the House’s moderate
‘Blue Dog’ Democrats and has turned down entreaties to participate in party
programs to promote her re-election.” (National Journal, 03/07/08)

Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha . . . does she really think we're that stupid (KS press corps excluded)?

She got rejected for the Blue Dogs because she votes with San Fran Nan Pelosi 93% of the time. That's not independent, that's LIBERAL!

And, she may have turned down the official participation in the program, but she gave San Fran Nan a wink and a nod and got all the money anyway.

Had enough of the lies and hypocrisy?


Anonymous said...

you should probably apologize now...because this was included in the press release congresswoman boyda's office sent out:

(Please note that the mention of the Blue Dog Coalition is slightly inaccurate. Nancy did apply for membership in the Blue Dog Coalition early last year, and at the time the Blue Dogs had reached their membership limit. Since then Nancy has found that not being a Blue Dog has helped to preserve her independence.)

when will you do your retraction?

Anonymous said...

It doesn't change the fact that Nancy Boyda is SPINNING her exclusion from the Blue Dogs.

And, she is liberal.

Don't apologize, this sounds about right.

Anonymous said...

lord, you people...this is why you lose elections, you know that, right?

Anonymous said...

Nancy Boyda is spinning. If she said she later found out she's more independent this way, it's spin. You're either independent or you're not.

Nancy was not chosen for the Blue Dogs because she is too liberal. The Blue Dogs never had a membership limit before, why now? Because they had liberal people trying to get it. When you have a coalition, you are trying to grow it to be as big as possible. You exclude people who don't agree with your goals, not for an arbitrary limit. Again, this is all spin for Nancy Boyda.

If anything, I hope Bounce Boyda hits her even harder for trying to pull the wool over our eyes!!

Anonymous said...

Are you that close minded that you can't do your own research to see if she actually VOTES liberal?

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