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Monday, March 10, 2008

Retraction . . . Why?

Some have called on me to issue a retraction for my latest post. Let's be clear, I was quoting the National Journal, not some unnamed source. Since Rep. Boyda's office didn't send me the press release she supposedly sent out clarifying the information she gave the National Journal that she did not apply to the Blue Dog Coalition, I'm under no obligation to do anything. In fact, if the National Journal was in error in reporting, then they should be the ones to issue a correction, not a retraction. Please, BlocBoyda, if you are going to pretend to be a journalist, at least know what you're saying.

Moreover, I tend to believe that the National Journal had the impression Boyda was trying to say she didn't apply to the Blue Dogs. It is a reputable publication with good reporters. What would they have to gain by making it up?

This is Boyda's M.O., get whacked down for a position or a statement (or in this case being too liberal for the Blue Dogs), then try to pretend it didn't exist or try to change it, then get called on the carpet for changing your position, then blame everything on partisan politics. Dizzying, isn't it?

The only retraction I want to make is to pull Nancy Boyda out of office because I've had enough of the spinning and positioning and generally all the fake sincerity and false outrage that Nancy spits out. Maybe the other blog out there that takes orders from Nancy and Steve Boyda drank the kool-aid and says "how high" when asked to jump, but the truth is the truth. And the truth is, Nancy Boyda is liberal, she will lie in a heartbeat (particularly when she thinks she can get away with it), she embarrasses herself and Kansans regularly, and she has a growing reputation for being pushy and mean when off the record.

Either of our Republican nominees offers a stark contrast to the way in which Nancy Boyda operates, votes and believes. It will be a pleasure to have this blog go dark next November as Nancy is ushered out of office.


Anonymous said...

how could boyda be too liberal for the Blue Dogs when Moore is on the Blue Dogs and is considered to be more liberal than Boyda by the National Journal?

Anonymous said...

It simply means that the Blue Dogs aren't that conservative. Which makes Boyda look even worse if she couldn't even get in.

BoydaBloc said...

Bounce, you're being foolish.

If you've published something calling Nancy Boyda a liar because of someone else's error. You're right, the National Journal should issue a correction. You should issue a retraction. They made an error, you accused her of lying when she wasn't the one who made the mistake.

You will, of course, not do what's right. But we all expect that.

Anonymous said...

Moore got in because back when he could throw votes away in the minority for political purposes, he did to get re-elected. Now that he wins with 60% of the vote, his true colors have come out.

Until the National Journal issues a correction, Bounce should stand by the story . . . and I agree, Boyda has not told the truth about many, many things.

Bloc if you read the post carefully, it accuses her of shading the truth when it comes to the National Journal piece, which obviously she must have to some extent to get them to print it that way. The headline calls it spin, which is a kind way to put it . . . it doesn't say anything about lies till that last line, and I think generally, that is completely fair based on her track record.

Anonymous said...

why is it the National Journal certainly didn't make a mistake in the article...but they've obviously made a mistake if they call Boyda a centrist?

what's wrong with you people?

Anonymous said...

Nancy Boyda is no centrist. Even if she throws votes that way, she's no centrist. She's for raising taxes on oil companies, which will raise our gas prices. She's for a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, at least that's what she campaigned on. She wants to withdraw our troops from Iraq immediately. She received a 100% rating from NARAL, the most liberal abortion promoter. She is putting trial lawyers interests above national security on FISA, etc, etc, etc.

She may be a political pragmatist (i.e. say and do anything to get re-elected) but she is no centrist.

Anonymous said...

Talk as much as you want about all of her "lies"- you'll never point to one time she "lied."

on this issue...Bounce obviously jumped the gun, got burned, and now won't be a man and apologize.

Great job!

Anonymous said...

How exactly is it "jumping the gun" when it was published in the National Journal and has yet to be corrected in the National Journal? What if they stick by their story . . . this fits right into Boyda's profile . . .

Also, she lied when she ran for Congress and said she supported a path to citizenship for illegals. Either she was lying then or is lying now about opposing it.

Anonymous said...

illegals have the same path as everyone else...she didn't lie, she stated a fact.

and bounce jumped the gun on calling boyda a liar before he had all the facts....a simple mistake.

you people can spin this however you want, but you're being crazy- and all your conspiracy theories about this being her "m.o" make you look even crazier.

The Left Brain said...

You're welcome for the link.

The Left Brain said...

Sorry, the link is busted.

Anonymous said...

This is one more reason this is the least credicle, and most uninteresting blog, in the the state.

Keep up the shoddy work!

Anonymous said...

Yet, you're obviously reading it.

Anonymous said...

You are an angry little man...

Anonymous said...

Why would any informed Kansan want to get rid of Boyda considering she brought home to her congressional district 38 million in earmarks as a freshman congressman.

Which is pretty darn good considering some of the other experience congressman. Moore for example, a pitiful 8 million in earmarks. Finally, in KS a congressman that is bringing back a return of Kansas paid federal tax dollars more in line with our state population.

If this web site wants to bounce BOYDA, WITH WHO? Worthless Jim who failed to do squat to represent the 1st, but forgot?

Give me Boyda for the 1st anyday as a congressman who does what she promised by bringing home the bacon. Those who don't like Moore need to be replaced. ASAP.

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