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Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Day in the Life - YAWN

According to the Leaveworth Times, Nancy Boyda-Pelosi has exactly the same type of day every other Member of Congress has or ever has had.

Fact checks:

Boyda-Pelosi said she had 22 staff members, not according to this website, which says 20.

Boyda-Pelosi said she opposed the surge originally because of readiness concerns, actually, when she walked out on the general in August, she said he was lying to Congress, that the surge was not, would not and could not work . . . let's not forget that.

Boyda-Pelosi said she didn't want her campaign to be filled with character assassination . . . umm, Steve and Nancy Boyda-Pelosi spent all fall in 2006 on the phone with reporters assassinating Jim Ryun's character, so let's dispense with the phoniness.

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