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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Not to Compare Ryun to Obama

For an example of what a wider small donor base will do to you, see exhibit A, Barack Obama, after a year of staying even with Senator Clinton, is pulling away in fundraising because of small dollar contributors.

From "The Fix" a Washington Post blog, "Both candidates raised better than $100 million in 2007, but Obama's small dollar donor base was considerably wider, allowing him to continue to raise scads of campaign cash as the race goes along."

No one knows if Jim Ryun can pull this off, but here's the theory in practice.


Anonymous said...

Can he pull it off?

No. Dream on...

Anonymous said...

Apparently Ryun is laying a strong foundation for a good campaign. Good for him. Blew it last time, but seems like he's back in the game to win.

Anonymous said...

So true. And everyone knows that a good foundation is built on billing your campaign for 33 seperate trips to the Kwik Shop near your house for twizlers. A Kwik Shop that isn't even in the same town as his campaign office. Certainly has his A game back.

Anonymous said...

Really? It says Twizlers on there?! Or is it reimbursement for gas as he drives around the district?
Good work, Sherlock!!

Anonymous said...

Internet (Obama) v. mail (Ryun). Big difference in costs. I think you also have to add in the excitement/inspirational factor -- people WANT to give money to Obama.

Agree with your original post -- Ryun's mail strategy is risky and a big IF.

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