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Friday, February 1, 2008

In All Seriousness - Boyda's Tarnished Ethics

I was called a "jacka_ _" for posting on Nancy Boyda's recent run-in with USA Today. So, I want to take a moment to be clear on the seriousness of the problem here.

Nancy Boyda accepted a fundraiser that was organized and paid for by a lobbyist. And, she told WIBW that it was to "thank her" (her words according to WIBW, not mine) for getting an earmark for Iola. It does not matter how worthy the earmark is. This is a serious problem and sounds like a quid pro quo. She may be investigated by the House Ethics Committee because of it.

Moreover, Nancy Boyda explicitly ran for Congress on the mantra that "Nothing Will Change Until We Change Congress." She said, "special interests just don't influence Washington, they own it." These again were her words, not mine.

When the lobbyists offered to throw her this thank you fundraiser, she could have stood by the courage of her convictions and said, "no." But, she didn't.

This is not a surprise to me. Nancy Boyda is not one to let her previous positions and principles get in her way. She has often shifted her positions, especially on two major issues of the day - Iraq (too many times to recount here) and Immigration (in 2006 she opposed a border fence and supported a pathway to citizenship for illegals).

Now, she has abandoned her call to clean up Washington, and even defended her actions as "legal" (sounds like so many other politicians that get in hot water). That very well may be true, but she'll probably have to answer to the Ethics Comittee on that question.

For us in Kansas, she needs to answer this question, what makes you think you can get away with such hypocrisy?

For those of us who voted against her, we're not surprised.


Anonymous said...

read the timeline in today's have it wrong, buddy, and you know it.

Anonymous said...

and any comment on Ryun caging voters?

Anonymous said...

hey, know iola didn't have a lobbyist when the earmark was submitted...the did it on their own.

Anonymous said...


Late January 2007: A task force from Iola traveled to Washington, D.C. to meet with Boyda to discuss possible funding for the facility.

March 15: Boyda made a request to
the Interior Appropriations Committee for an earmark for the Iola project and asked how much she was getting for the request.

June 13: Boyda’s mouthpiece puts out an RFP to professional lobbyists that a bunch of bumpkins from Iola don’t know how to play ball.

October 15th: Van Scoyoc answers the call. Boyda says nothing less than $5000 will protect the request in the Omnibus.

November 1: Boyda gets payday.
December 19: Boyda forgets she’s on the take and being the whore that she is issues a press release.

January 31: Boyda gets caught with her hand in the cookie jar.


Anonymous said...

Wow....what a sweetheart quid pro quo deal for Boyda. She obtains a federal earmark and then accepts cash from the lobbyist that was employed by the city. Something is wrong in Boydaville!

Carolyn said...

USA Today only dug under a couple of rocks and found this quid pro quo deal. It might be worth investigating all of Boyda's earmarks and watch the money trail end in her campaign/personal account.

KU Blue said...
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Richard said...

I find it interesting that the Iola Register publisher/editor is also a contributor to the Boyda campaign, as well as the Iola mayor.

Anonymous said...

SHE GOT EARMARKS DISTRICT WIDE!!! people love her because she's helping them. you've all jumped the shark.

Carolyn said...

Is that why her approval rating is under 45%...people LOVE her???

Anonymous said...

No one loves her, no one loves the Iola Bumpkin Mayor either. They are both full of themselves.

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