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Friday, February 1, 2008

She Just Doesn't Get It

From today's Cap Journal, Nancy Boyda-Pelosi had this to say,

"This goes under the no good deed ever, ever, goes unpunished," Boyda said.

Nancy just doesn't get it. The problem is NOT the earmark she got for Iola. The problem is a lobbyist arranged a "thank you fundraiser" for it.

There was much piling on Jim Ryun because he purchased a townhouse connected to Tom DeLay. Some of the piling on was justified. Yet, not once was there any evidence produced that any official act was traded for a benefit.

Nancy Boyda-Pelosi admitted that the fundraiser was a thank you for an official act.

Hopefully, the Ethics Committee will look into this matter to see if it warrants a full investigation.


Anonymous said...

no, dear, you don't get it. Boyda did nothing wrong, and it's only people blinded by their hate for her that thinks she did.

Anonymous said...

Boyda has gone Washington faster than Jim Ryun did. Now that is a headline.

Anonymous said...

I hear that the Lansing earmark is being looked at as well.

Anonymous said...

We don't hate Nancy, we're just amazed at how dumb she is.

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