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Monday, February 18, 2008

Think the Trial Lawyers Don't OWN the Democrat Majority

A rival blog claimed that Nancy Boyda* was being responsible for not re-authorizing FISA. I countered that the Democrat majority was paying back the trial lawyer special interests - a special interest Nancy's husband Steve is a member of.

This article documents the money flowing into Democrat coffers from attorneys suing the telecommunications companies - $78,300 for the 2008 cycle from ONE attorney alone.

Lawyers and law firms are Nancy Boyda's TOP contributors this election cycle, $53,469, on top of $37,000 in 2006 and over $89,000 in 2004. Add it up, and you get, about $180,000 in campaign contributions from trial lawyers - far and away her top contributors (not including the nearly $300,000 of her own trial lawyer husband's money that was loaned to the 2004 campaign). When the trial lawyers say "jump," Nancy says "how high."

To paraphrase Nancy Boyda in 2006 on the campaign trail, the trial lawyer special interests don't just influence the Democrat majority, they own Nancy Boyda.

Had enough hypocrisy?

*Some people are distracted by my using Boyda-Pelosi in my posts. I think it's important to make this point without distraction.


Anonymous said...

I am a Ryun supporter and also disliked the Boyda-Pelosi link. No doubt they vote the same most all the time but I think it is juvenile to refer to her as Boyda-Pelosi. Thanks for making the change.

bounce2008 said...

Nancy Boyda and Nancy Pelosi share the same liberal political philosophy. It is critically important for Kansans to know it, and remember it, because Nancy Boyda will continue to try and come home and pretend that she is moderate. Let us not forget she will say ANYTHING to try and get re-elected with no regard for the truth.

Therefore, I will continue to use the Boyda-Pelosi label regularly because it's important for people to remember who she really is. Nancy Boyda has not earned anything more.

Anonymous said...

The use of "Boyda-Pelosi" by Bounce Boyda is simply juvenile, as is the use of words and images of cats and other animals when referring to Lynn Jenkins by the Boyda blog. Why don't all of you grow up, get out of High School mode, and begin to address the real issues and clear needs of the people for a change, which is what these elections are supposed to be all about regardless of party and partisanship. -- Anon.

Anonymous said...

The writer of Bounce Boyda clearly does not follow her actual votes and speeches in Congress, much less her weekly efforts to explain the issues at hand in more detail to her constituents every weekend with her very popular "Congress on Your Corner," which is a vast improvement over the stay-in-Washington decade of Ryun absence from his District and knee-jerk voting with Bush and Big Business, all of which was more than adequately documented in Nancy Boyda's three "newspaper inserts" ("Congressional Voters' Guides") of August, September, and October 2006. -- Anonymous Observer.

Anonymous said...

Boyda's inserts were as much hit pieces on Jim Ryun as they were a discussion of her views on the issues. They actually said very little about her actual policy positions.

Moreover, she has already changed most of her previously taken positions, i.e. the war and immigration being the two biggest positions where she seems to follow polling data rather than principle.

I was on Jim Ryun's monthly e-mail list, I received his mailings, and I also saw him at many town hall meetings.

Nancy Boyda votes with Nancy Pelosi as much as Jim Ryun ever did with Tom DeLay. Pelosi is much farther outside of the mainstream in Kansas than Tom DeLay.

Boyda has to come home and try to explain away her liberal positions, or she would lose for sure. Plus, Nancy Boyda just loves to hear herself talk, and talk, and talk.

P.S. I don't think it's juvenile to call Nancy Boyda what she is, a Nancy Pelosi clone (the putting Lynn Jenkins head on a cartoon cat body or whatever it was is elementary school, not even high school and to compare that to Boyda-Pelosi is hardly a fair comparison). Those of you who claim you're Republicans and want to be rid of Nancy Boyda need to take off the gloves because the Democrats are certainly going to take them off against either Lynn Jenkins or Jim Ryun.

Anonymous said...

Come off it people- anonymous bloggers ARE children, otherwise they would use their names when they post.

I think calling someone something other than her name is foolish, and harms credibility. I think putting a statewide elected official's head the cheshire cat's body is juvenile (though funny), and it's hope both sides would, you know, stop it.

Not looking for the cat picture to be taken down or all of the "Boyda-Pelsoi's" to be removed from this blog...but how 'bout proceeding on a differen't level, folks?

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for anonymously attacking anonymous posts. That took courage and heart.


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