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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Boyda-Pelosi Honored by Liberal Farm Group

For those not familiar with national farm organizations, there is the Farm Bureau, the mainstream and largest agriculture organization. Then, there is the National Farmers Union. This is a "progressive" organization . . . that's code for Liberal.

Nancy Boyda-Pelosi was honored as a champion of the NFU's liberal policies as she worked on the Agriculture Committe on the new farm bill.

Boyda-Pelosi's biggest backers are, liberal labor union leaders, liberal trial lawyers, and liberal farm organizations. Count me among those not shocked by her true stripes coming out.


Anonymous said...

hmm...reaching today, huh?

Anonymous said...

To the first poster...look it up...these organizations (or special interests) are fueling her campaign and padding her pocketbook.

Anonymous said...

whatever...republicans are the only ones that think unions are bad- they aren't- and it's foolish to try to present an organization that represents farmers as anything other than that.

if the tables were turned, you'd be congratulating jim ryun for accepting something from the chamber of commerce, even though it does the exact same thing unions do, just for a different interest.

spin it however you want...kansans know you're full of it

Anonymous said...

Why do you call her boyda-pelosi? Are you trying to get people to confuse to two?

Anonymous said...

Boyda-Pelosi are two different people, but generally always vote the same.

Anonymous said...

Unions per se are not bad. The people in Washington, DC, calling the shots for the unions are bad. They don't tell their members the truth, and there is ample evidence they have cost more jobs then they've ever saved. AND, the unions are overtly partisan in favor of Democrats (despite a large number of their members who aren't Democrats), the Chamber of Commerce isn't.

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