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Friday, February 15, 2008

A Good Bloggin' Match

I don't usually engage in blogging back and forth, but it's Friday, and I'm just in that kind of mood.

Bloc(head) Boyda claims that Nancy Boyda-Pelosi's vote to extend FISA for 3 more weeks EQUALS not being irresponsible.

This after 6 1/2 months to evaluate and study the bill. The issues surrounding the bill have not changed for 6 1/2 months (nor for the months before they knew it would expire the last time). Oh, and after the two week extension they passed to get us past February 1st.

This week the Senate passed a long-term reauthorization of FISA, with strong bi-partisan support by a vote of 68 to 29. Yes, over 2/3rds of Senators agreed to this compromise legislation. The White House COMPROMISED on several provisions in the legislation to help move it through the Democrat-controlled Senate.

The House could have picked up the legislation, passsed it, and sent it to the President for his signature before leaving town. Instead, they held a political stunt vote of contempt on the House floor and then adjourned on Thursday, so they could start their recess early.

Why? Because the Democrats in the House owe the trial lawyers lobby BIG TIME for all the money they pumped in to their campaigns to take the majority in the House in 2006. As a payback, the House Democrats, including Boyda-Pelosi who's husband Steve is a trial lawyer, want to allow lawsuits against the telecommunications companies who cooperated with the Justice Department on FISA wiretaps.

The Justice Department had issued findings that the wiretaps were legal, and the telecom companies relied on these findings. They allowed the CIA to listen to cell phone calls from one terrorist to another that bounced off a tower in the United States.

The trial lawyers are now suing these telecom companies for following DoJ guidance and asking for big damages, and the companies are having to run up hundreds of thousands of dollars (which will run into the millions) in legal fees to fight more than 40 junk lawsuits.

If allowed to continue with the cases as Boyda-Pelosi and her husband Steve want, soon, your phone bills will go up. In the meantime, our intelligence community cannot start any new investigations. This isn't fear mongering, this is fact. And, the fault lies clearly with Nancy Pelosi and her mini-me's like your Nancy.



Anonymous said...

Will Block(head)respond?

Boyda Bloc said...


Because, in the end, all Bounce just did was spew the same old tired partisan rhetoric we've heard from the President all the way down.

The bill the Senate passed is irresponsible, regardless of the number of Senators who voted for it.

House Republicans screwed up when they refused to reauthorize the bill.

Again, thanks for the good press.


Anonymous said...

Funny he thinks it's good press for the House Democrats that they're either too stupid to understand the issues after 6 1/2 months or too stubborn to negotiate as did over 20 Democrats in the Senate . . .

This is a losing issue for them.

Also, there's a little thing in the House of Representatives called a Rules Committee. Through the Rules Committee, the House Democrat Leadership can ram anything through the House with a simple majority vote, a majority the Democrats hold. They did not pass a reauthorization. Please don't try and blame the Republicans. Democrats went home without doing their jobs.

Anonymous said...

no, the republicans went home without doing their jobs...but, first, they played politics with our national security.

Anonymous said...

how many times to people have to call you child before you start acting like a grown up? Call her her name, and call the other blog by it's name.

i don't like this blog, and i like nancy boyda, but you do talk about serious things here, and things that need to be talked about. but you're credibility is damaged so much by being childish that the good you could do for your cause is lost.

please? be mature? for a minute?

Anonymous said...

I doubt the author if this blog cares if you don't like it, and if you like Nancy Boyda, you probably don't.

Nancy Boyda and Nancy Pelosi are one in the same. Nancy Boyda likes to pretend she isn't a left-wing liberal back home while voting with Nancy Pelosi in Washington. It's important to remind people of this.

It's not really calling her a name so much as stating a fact.

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