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Friday, February 15, 2008

Boyda-Pelosi Sticks Finger in Wind - Again

Over at Boyda Bloc they are praising Nancy for voting for an earmark moratorium (oh and using, without permission, the porkbusters logo). Once again, she has changed her position at a point of convenience. Knowing this moratorium would never pass, she threw away this vote (with the permission of her mentor, Madame Speaker Pelosi whom she's told many a Kansan she "admires") after the horrible string of stories on the issue.

Let's not forget the CBS national story on the fake prison museum OR the national story about getting a quid pro quo thank you fundraiser from a lobbyist. These hurt her because she ran her campaign last year saying, "special interests don't just influence Congress, they own it." Once she got outed as being just like every other porker, she had to do something, and fast.

So, with the Republicans trying to score a PR point with a moratorium vote, she quickly reversed course (yet again) and voted against for it. "Whew, hopefully the voters won't notice all the hypocrisy in the meantime," said Boyda-Pelosi as she walked off the House floor, well, that's at least what she had to be thinking.

What's more, Bloc Boyda is running this smokescreen for her as she left town last night and let the FISA law expire. Yes, Boyda-Pelosi has decided that for at least the next 12 days, she's going to let terrorists have free and open communications about their plans to attack us and tie the hands of the intelligence committee to listen in. Good job Nancy!!

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Boyda Bloc said...

God bless you for the free publicity!

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