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Thursday, February 14, 2008

More Nancy Hypocrisy

Our first guest contibutor has submitted a post . . . for test purposes, we'll call this person "the insider."

Today's The Hill gives us a perfect example of the hypocrisy that is Boyda-Pelosi. The article outlines the blatant attempts by Pelosi and Democrat leadership to buttress their most vulnerable Democrats with lavish earmarks for their Districts.

Now, I am not going to attack the validity of the projects slated to receive funds. Many of them are very deserving. In fact, MOST projects for which Members request funding are worthy endeavors. I'm not even going to directly attack the belief that a Member of Congress should be in the business of requesting earmarks. While I personally believe that the budget/appropriations process is broken and needs to be fixed before further earmarks are granted, there is a reasonable argument to be made that Members are better suited to allocate funding than are career bureaucrats who would otherwise be making these determinations.

I will, however, draw the line when requesting these earmarks betrays a campaign promise and the confidence of the very constituents who sent that Member to Washington. Such is the case with Boyda-Pelosi. We all remember the vitriol she demonstrated when decrying the earmark process while on the campaign trail, vowing to rid Congress of their evil influence if elected. She promised that she certainly would not be a part of this shameful process. But that was just campaigning. The reality, as reported by The Hill, shows how empty that promise was:

Freshman Reps. Nick Lampson (D-Texas) and Nancy Boyda (D-Kan.), two of the
Republicans' top political targets this year, were among the biggest
beneficiaries [of earmarks]...Boyda secured for herself an astonishing $20.7
million worth of projects. She shared another $17 million worth of projects with

Again, I glanced at the projects...they are fine for the most part. I also happen to know of several projects on other Member's lists that didn't make the cut. They are also fine for the most part. My problem is with the lie that was told to Kansans by Boyda-Pelosi. If you are sent to Washington on a campaign promise of doing away with earmarks, by golly, don't be the poster child for pork! The Hill called Boyda-Pelosi one of the "biggest beneficiaries" of these earmarks. Sure, Pelosi and the rest of the Democrat Leadership are partly to blame, but if Boyda-Pelosi were serious about doing what she promised, the last thing she would be doing is attaching her name to tens of millions of dollars in the very earmarks she promised to eliminate.
It's shameful. It's a lie. And her constituents should call her on it.


Anonymous said...

I heard Lynn Jenkins was going to be in Ottawa, Garnett and LaCygne tommorrow, anyone have more details?

Anonymous said...

Who wants to know? Jenkins has a Democrat stalker that follows her around everywhere she goes and video tapes her. If you are that person, no, she will be in Manhattan, Riley and Waterville.

Anonymous said...

Now Boyda is being asked for more pork.........a garage for a secondhand trolley, of all things, that will cost $250,ooo. PORK!!! Hopefully the ethics committee will investigate her connection with lobbyists and the money they have brought her.

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