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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Boyda Sticks Finger in Wind?

A majority of Americans believe we can win in Iraq. 53% now support winning, up from 42% in September. Is it any wonder that Nancy Boyda has softened her anti-winning rhetoric? Remember last August when she basically called a highly respected former general a liar and stormed out of the hearing where he said the surge was working.

Then starting in December, Boyda, along with many other Democrats started to admit the surge was working.

Boyda has been all over the place since this war began. She started out protesting it and leading a group of protestors to come to Washington, DC with the radical group ANSWER. Then, in 2004 while running for Congress, she backed away from the radical line and started saying we should support our troops so they could win. Then, in 2006, she changed again, riding the Democrat wave of defeatism and retreat into office.

After a brief episode on national television where she said she would support the surge, she then voted against it. She voted to withdraw our troops within a few months. She spoke out against the surge, saying it would not work.

Then there was the general incident. How sad.

Despite sheepishly admitting the surge was in fact working, she has since voted to deny the ability of our intelligence community to provide timely information to our troops in Iraq about potential terrorist activities, and to divert some of the CIA's precious time and resources to monitor global warming.

Had enough of this unprincipled and inconsistent voting pattern that will leave us less safe?


Anonymous said...

at least the "had enough" bit you're doing now isn't as annoying as the boyda-pelosi thing

god bless our men and women in uniform for doing a good job. boyda's still right...this isn't our fight, and it's time for our kids to come home.

Anonymous said...

ryun attacks jenkins...again.

Anonymous said...

You guys are such douchebags, I think 100% of Americans support winning. Saying you don't think we are presently winning is not the same thing as saying you don't want us to win.

Anonymous said...

Crap. Are you serious? Ryun attacked Jenkins? Again?! Why would he do such a thing?
Oh, wait. . . .because she's running her campaign out of her State Treasurer's office? Or the quid pro quo she got from American Century?
As for Boyda and her "courageous" stance on FISA, check her FEC report. Nothing like a few thousand from trial lawyers to stiffen up your "resolve."

Anonymous said...

Must be spring break.

Anonymous said...

Still alive?

Anonymous said...

Bored and looking for some Kansas political commentary? You won't find it here, head over to instead.

Ash Mcgonigal said...

I'll have to say I'm on the fence over whether I want to win in Iraq or not.

Allow me to explain: I don't know what winning is. No one has ever explained to me what a victory in Iraq looks like, since it hasn't been a war since Bush declared victory on May 1, 2003. Since then, we've been an occupying force. And I defy you to find an occupying army in all of history that has "won" the occupation without massacring the inhabitants or forcibly interbreeding. Just one?

At any rate, it's apparent now that the surge (escalation) was a massive failure, as everyone who knew what they were talking about said it would be. Violence was down after al Sadr unilaterally declared a ceasefire, but now he's lost control of his militia, and violence will be on the uptick again.

Please don't take this as being gleeful that I was right and you were wrong. I don't give a damn that I was right and you were wrong. I give a damn that I've been right since 2003, the Bush administration and its various toadies have been wrong for much longer than that, but no one ever listens to the people who are right. What kind of messed up administration is this, where being correct gets you fired and being grossly incompetent gets you promoted?

Anonymous said...

did they die?

Anonymous said...

Bounce Boyda joined The Kansas Republican?

Anonymous said...

Boyda, recovering from her disappointment that we haven't had to airlift off rooftops in Iraq, has dusted herself off and is busy with the roll-out of the Democrats "Super Secret Common Sense Plan" to cut gasoline costs. They must have a number that will trigger it, a number much higher than $3.49/gal apparently.

Anonymous said...

I think BB really did die. Tragic.

Boyda Bloc said...

You're all, of course, welcome to keep us with 2nd District news at the other BB- Boyda Bloc, that is.

Do we seem smug? We think we seem smug.


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