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Thursday, March 13, 2008

SHOCKER! Boyda Liberal on Intelligence

From the NRCC:
Rep. Nancy Boyda (KS-02) cast yet another vote that compromises America's
national security and adds to her increasingly liberal voting record. In a
weak attempt to distract voters from their negligence to renew the Protect
America Act, Boyda voted in lock-step with the liberal Democrat leadership to
fund duplicitous pet projects over critical human intelligence programs.

Boyda chose for the second time to gut human intelligence funding and
instead stuff the Intelligence Authorization bill chock full of pet
projects, including Jack Murtha’s “
boondoggle” earmark, and a funding mandate to monitor climate change as potential “security threat” (House Roll Call 117).

Ignoring a recent Gallup Poll, which ranks Iraq and terrorism
and national security as the top two issues on the minds of Americans, Nancy
Boyda continues to abdicate her duty to protect the American people and instead
supported yet another attempt by the Democrats to block the bipartisan Senate
bill to renew the Protect America Act
(House Roll Call 116).

“The longer Nancy Boyda is in Washington , DC , the more liberal her
voting record becomes. Boyda made a joke of national security by voting to
divert taxpayer money away from critical legislation that would fund America ’s
human intelligence programs, instead using it to fund boondoggle pet projects,”
said NRCC spokesman Ken Spain . “Twenty-four days and counting, Boyda is
still putting the security of her constituents at grave risk as she continues to
do the bidding of the Democrat majority and their dangerous national security

When will Nancy Boyda fulfill her duty to protect Americans from real
threats and quit playing games with our national security?

Are you kidding me, the CIA is going to have to monitor climate change? What are they thinking?

Had enough of liberal Nancy on protecting America?


Anonymous said...

SHOCKER! NRCC calls target Liberal!

Anonymous said...

if voting against telecom immunity is liberal, i guess i'm a crazy leftist

(i've never voted for a democrat in my life, and i never will)

Anonymous said...

1. this wasn't a vote against the telecom industry. it was a vote to override the veto of the Intelligence Authorization bill.

2. if the telecom industry racks up huge legal bills defending frivilous lawsuits, who do you think they will past those costs along to? you, the consumer. economics 101

Anonymous said...

protecting our constitutional rights will never be a frivolous law suit.

and NO, there hasn't been a veto yet..just a promised one

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