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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Don't Usually Do This

I tend to confine my remarks to the Second District race, and I know that there are Republicans who have sex charges issues (see Sens. Craig and Vitter), but I agree with Roger Simon from the Politico in DC who said, "if stupidity ever gets to $200 a barrel, I want drilling rights to Eliot Spitzer’s head."

This guy made a living and a political name for himself using electronic surveillance and strong arm tactics to prosecute white collar crime. Then he sends e-mails to arrange for a prostitute.

What is it with Democrat Attorney Generals and stupidity recently?

It just proves that it has nothing to do with one political party or another, it's that "I'm better than you" attitude too many politicians have. Power and arrogance, a bad combination.


Anonymous said...

The plural form of Attorney General is Attorneys General, not Attorney Generals.

bounce2008 said...

I know.

Regularly I have spelling issues and other wise kill the English language. In this case, I originally typed in Attorney Generals (as you see). As I re-read the post, I caught the mistake. I then thought it would be kind of funny in a line about stupidity. So, I left it in. Maybe I just have a warped sense of humor.

Anyway, congratulations, you must have done well in all your English classes.

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