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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Another Example of No Class

It's been over 100 days since the election. Nancy Boyda's campaign website still has its entire pre-election hit job on Jim Ryun displayed. Next time she complains about the process getting to personal as she did the other day on 49 News, maybe she should remember those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.


Anonymous said...

Her campaign website is full of campaign attacks and her congressional website doesn't really do anything. Maybe her webmaster quit.

Anonymous said...

none of her staff has fact it is expanding...

and, well, EVERYONE that won/lost in November is still up.

Anonymous said...

EVERYONE is not up with a hatchet job on their opponent. Ryun does have a comment on Boyda on his site, but it's in response to her criticizing him after the election. Ryun took down any reference to Boyda a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, what do you expect from Boyduh? She is a classless interloper who will hopefully get booted in 2008. What a disgrace she is to Kansas.
BTW-where was she during the Iraq debate today on the House floor? Scribbling new war protest posters with crayons in her office? Come out and dance, Boyduh. Please don't tell us you're afraid to open your mouth anymore.

Anonymous said...

Rather than own up to the fact that she was rolled by her own leadership into eliminating funding for Kansas military, Boyduh's whining about being criticized: "the level of hositility and the personal nature of the attacks, especially when I am working hard [that old Bill Clinton stand-by]."
Geeze, how lame. Doesn't give me much confidence that she'll be minding the store.

Maj D said...

I went looking for anything Boyda had to say about her vote today on her official web page and found zip, zero, nada. Use her own search engine to enter "iraq" and it comes up with zero documents.

I also went to her "Newsroom" section. The last and only entry was a Jan 4 announcement that she was sworn in.

I didn't try very hard, but I didn't see her positions on anything else, either.

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