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Thursday, March 29, 2007

New Website

Proving Nancy Boyda is a top target, the national Republicans have put up this website highlighting the real Nancy Boyda. She's voted with Nancy Pelosi 98% of the time (this would be an appropriate time for all of us who supported Jim Ryun to say we told you so).


Anonymous said...

I'm one of those who voted for Boyda----not because she was my ideal candidate, but because I felt she would do a better job than Ryun. So far, she has. That doesn't mean that I've agreed with everything she's said or every vote she's cast. And given the particular bills that have come up for vote, surely you're not saying you're surprised that her views are similar to Pelosi?

Anonymous said...

A better job? All Ryun did was help bring back millions of dollars of infrastructure projects for the district, including helping keep all three of our military installations open. Boyda voted to cut funding for those bases, she voted to take away the right to a secret ballot from workers, and to make it easier to raise taxes. Boyda's just a self-promoting liberal. She's bad for Kansas.

Anonymous said...

So what votes that Boyda has cast do you really like?

Anonymous said...

Boyda's done a better job at reversing her position, saying one thing then doing another, cutting funds for our troops, passing a bill that was handed to her by Democrat leadership and when questioned on the House floor about it, didn't know what it did. Yep, she's stellar.

Anonymous said...

Boyda's done much better than Ryun did...particularly toward the end of his term. She back in the district every single meeting getting amazing press in little towns like Osage City and Iola...and she's voting with the majority on all the opinion polls.

Also, she has secured millions for the state, too...hundreds of millions.

Anonymous said...

Ok, you're an idiot. She gets good press in Iola? Yeah, that's an objective paper with Emmerson Lynn at the helm. What a crackpot he is. And she's at every small meeting in the district? Riiiight. Which is why her husband is standing in for her in recent 2nd District meetings.
And she's secured millions for the district? Well, one, Ryun did that and more and two, Ryun didn't let, and would never let, $43 million in BRAC funding go walking. Boyda did. Or did you miss the fine print in the BRAC funding stories about the shortfall even after the Pentagon "reinstated" funding? And the money that did remain was originally secured by, oh, Jim Ryun. Boyda couldn't even retain all of it. The 2nd District is going to need help is she is ever put in the situation of actually having to secure funding.

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