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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Boyda's Independence?

Looks like Roll Call has picked up on Boyda's little dance around the truth when it comes to her so-called "independence."

We all remember Boyda making a big deal about turning down the DCCC's Frontline program. Saying it was because she wanted to remain "independent." At the time, her Chief of Staff said, Boyda “ran an independent campaign in 2006, and her constituents want to see her run an independent campaign again.”

As I pointed out, Boyda's actions aren't matching her words. She wants former Democrat Presidential nominee John Kerry to send an e-mail solicitation for funds to 3 million of his supporters, 99% of whom don't live in Kansas.

In the Roll Call article, NRCC spokesman Spain said, “It looks like Nancy Boyda has gone back on her word in exchange for funds from the Democrat[ic] Party’s standard-bearer in 2004.”

But when asked about her clear hypocrisy when it comes to being independent, Boyda’s office declined to comment this week on the NRCC’s criticism.

Declined to comment? They were johnny on the spot to comment when they were pretending to be independent, but when called on the carpet and asked to answer for a clear departure from her stated intentions, no one had anything to say.

Not surprising. Boyda doesn't react well to criticism of any sort, especially when it comes to her Boydocrisy.


Anonymous said...

Yes, but will the local press pick up on it . . . probably not.

Anonymous said...

because it isn't a story. Jim Ryun has and will take money from people the other side doesn't like, that's just how it is. Nancy Boyda doesn't want the national party to think they can control her...PAC money from any organization is really different than money from the DCCC or the NRCC.

Anonymous said...

Except the DCCC Frontline money wasn't FROM the DCCC. It's a program where all the non-endangered Democrat incumbents give money to someone like Boyda. It would raise her $250,000, but it wouldn't actually be from the DCCC.

Also, Boyda made a big deal about most of her money being from Kansas. If John Kerry's raising money for her, most of it won't be from Kansas.

Finally, Boyda votes with Pelosi 98% of the time. That national party does control her.

Anonymous said...

jim ryun voted with the national republicans 90+% of the time, too...does that mean they owned him?

Anonymous said...

The point is, Nancy Boyda ran as an Independent, but she's voted with Pelosi 98% of the time. Boyda did this to attract moderate Republicans to vote for her. Ryun never claimed not to be a conservative Republican. Boyda said one thing to get elected and has acted and voted much differently in DC. At least Ryun was a man of his word.

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