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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Excuses, Excuses

Nancy Boyda blasted Jim Ryun last year for missing a debate in the district that took place while he was voting during the Congressional session in Washington.

Nancy also blasted Jim Ryun for not caring about our veterans.

Nancy Boyda is skipping an event to honor a VFW Post's 75th anniversary in Leavenworth this Sunday, June 3rd because of a "scheduling conflict."

If Nancy were running against Nancy, imagine the letters to the editor she would write and send to her supporters to sign and send in to the Leavenworth Times. "Nancy breaks campaign promise and ignores veterans. Nancy cites flimsy excuse to miss event."

If I were Jim Ryun or Lynn Jenkins, I'd find a member of Post 56 in Leavenworth and ask if I could come as their guest.


Anonymous said...

Where is Nancy Boyda? Why is she rarely in the district?

Uncle Pavian said...

Nancy Boyda is in Washington, with her pals. Being back with the yokels in the district would defeat the purpose of her being in Congress.

Anonymous said...

nancy was in my town on sunday at a verteran's event.

and she' every weekend from what i understand

Anonymous said...

She was supposed to be at Payless headquarters today, but I heard she never showed up. Anyone know more about that?

Anonymous said...

She's in Atchison all day today

Anonymous said...

the only weekends nancy hasn't been in the district were when she was in Iraq and a few at the beginning for freshman orientation. Please check the facts before you post.

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