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Friday, May 25, 2007


Boyda a part of the "Dirty (Almost) Dozen." It's 11 Democrats, not sure why the Republicans didn't tack one more on there . . .

Anyway, Boyda will be targetted by radio ads and phone calls exposing her miserable voting record.

Interesting quote in the article about Republicans "not getting" that people didn't like negative campaigning since she used the radio to attack Jim Ryun non-stop the last two weeks of the campaign. So, not only is she targetted, she's a hypocrite.


Anonymous said...

and you're attacks are rote.

Something different, please?

Anonymous said...

Site is called Bounce Boyda, not coddle the Democrats. So, please take your whining somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

We've known Mrs. Boyda was a hypocrite ever since she was spotted getting out of a blue SUV at the Topeka Public Library the same week that she was lambasting Jim Ryun over a tv commercial that showed him putting gas in his SUV.
If the attacks seem repetitive, it's because she keeps repeating the behavior.

Anonymous said...

rote: without thought of the meaning

He's not asking that you "coddle the Democrats," he's asking that you put some thought into your habitual and uninspired attacks.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking Nancy Boyda is an idiot and this site does a pretty good job of pointing that out.

"Rote" describes what the Democrats are doing in Congress right now. They are going back on the word they gave to the American people, "meaning" their "thought" of the people who voted for them is that they are too stupid to notice.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Democrats are starting to act almost as bad as the Republicans.

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