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Monday, July 9, 2007

Nancy's Fundraising

Nancy Boyda sent out an e-mail thank you note to her supporters, claiming she raised $43,259 in the last 10 days of the second quarter of 2007.

Support, she said, came in from 37 states, with the help of John Kerry's e-mail list no doubt. Just another indication that Nancy isn't exactly keeping to her promise not to seek national help.

Favorite line from the e-mail, a rehash of, "My momma didn't raise a quitter." (A line that was in her original announcement speech as "My momma didn't raise NO quitter.")

An aside, while we're on grammar, is that I must say I was disappointed to see that Nancy didn't capitalize the "I" or "D" on Independence Day when referring to our national birthday. It showed disrespect for all the holiday stands for.

At any rate, I'm waiting to see if someone will release their fundraising numbers early. They are due Sunday. I'm looking forward to having three reports to dig into.


Anonymous said...

I heard Lynn is going to fall way short of the $345,000 one of her supporters got on here and bragged about a while back.

Anonymous said...

What numbers are you hearing for Lynn? I'd have to think that anything over $150K would be a great start for her and show lots of support.

Anonymous said...

Jenkins raised $195K in the 2nd quarter. From one of her campaign people.

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